Having been in the fire protection business for many years, we have seen the problem of polluted wastewater first hand. What we decided to do about it was to design a solution. That solution is the EcoSmart Filter.

The Solution to Waste Water Run-off

At Hydro(Gen) Innovations, we are committed to improving water quality one building, one drop at a time. Our patented EcoSmart Filter is the first filtration system to economically address the challenges of harmful fire sprinkler system runoff. Compact, portable and highly effective, the EcoSmart Filter employs a system of filters designed to reduce contaminates that are destructive to our environment. What's more, the spent media is non-toxic and can be discarded as non-hazardous waste into a trash can, making it by far the most effective Best Management Practice (BMP) available today.

Photo by Kesu01/iStock / Getty Images


The EcoSmart Filter system ingeniously captures environmentally dangerous pollutants and micro-pollutants and prevents them from flushing into storm drains, oceans and waterways. Once filtered and cleaned, the water can be conserved or diverted into other uses, such as landscape irrigation.


We have subjected the EcoSmart Filter to rigorous third-party testing to validate the efficiency of our technology. Test results demonstrate that our system produced water that has met EPA grey water standards.


The EcoSmart Filter's compact design includes a built in cart, making it simple to transport from site to site, with no heavy lifting required.